Corporate Information

Urban Motors Pte Ltd deals with pre-owned and brand new cars while offering buyers a full suite of services comprising financing, insurance, warranty and after-sales support.

Established in 2008, Urban Motors has grown its fleet exponentially to better serve its customers, with a dedicated team of 18 staff covering all aspects of the business operations ensuring optimum customer experience.

Urban Motors’ primary focus on pre-owned cars has made the company stewards in the field; offering industry knowledge, competitive pricing, extended warranty and reliable after-sales support.

Understanding that a car extends beyond functionality and represents an individual on many aspects, Urban Motors seeks to fulfill our modus operandi of finding that perfect fit, adhering to our tagline ‘Cars that Define You.’

Our Brand recognition :

The car tracks embedded in its typography urges our audience to think of Urban Motors when on the roads. Our colour scheme, with shades of brown signifying reliability and a sense of grounding. A simplified font type with a strategically placed extension of a track on the letter ‘B’ Captures the purpose, simplicity and peace of mind that Urban Motors aims to impart to every customer that the brand touches.

Urban Motors’ distinctive edge is in its primary focus on pre-owned cars that has made the company stewards in the field. Our company offers competitive pricing, extended warranty coverage and reliable after-sales support to ensure peace of mind.

After-sales service goes the extra mile Urban Motor’s after-sales service goes the extra mile with customised offerings that include a one-year extended warranty to all pre-owned car buyers. This fulfillment of warranty is often overlooked nevertheless crucial when pre-owned cars do not come with one.

In addition, Urban Motors offers a network of trusted mechanics, provide roadside pick-ups island wide, assists with authorised workshops and car replacement services whenever required by our clients.

Experts in the field Urban Motors is backed by more than 10 years of industry experience. Besides offering competitive pricing, this has helped to set Urban Motors apart from other competitors and establish a specialisation in this industry.

Vision and Mission


Urban Motors is committed to continually set standards of excellence and grow to be a top car specialist in Singapore and the region.

It is our intent to expand competitive share in the marketplace, better our product and service offerings and provide the best experiences for all car buyers.


Urban Motors endeavours to be a reputable, convenient and trusted car specialist buyers by offering the best support from start to finish of a purchase.

Urban Motors seeks to achieve high standards within the industry amongst market players, fellow entrepreneurs ans social responsibilities.