Director's Message  
Benjamin Yeo, the founder and Managing Director of Urban Motors, is a committed and energetic proponent of Urban Motors. He approaches opportunities with vision, focusing the industry on a demand driven imperative.

Dear Readers,

At Urban Motors we believe in an honest, open approach with our clientele, industry partners, employees and public communities.

We are proud to be an integral part of such an important service industry in this island. Clearly, the future challenge for the automotive industry is to become more intensive and yet remain sustainable, reliable and resilient in times to come. Hence, our focus is on providing a streamlined, transparent and efficient service to all concerned parties. We have invested significantly in training our staff resulting in maximised efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

We have a highly skilled workforce, many of whom have been helping us to continue to grow and sustain Urban Motors. It is important to us that those who work with us share our values and embrace excellence in customer service & efficiency of operation as paramount to our continued success.

Over the years we have faced many challenges and we recognise that in moving forward we may have more to overcome, but we know if we remain focused, adapt to the changes and work together, we can build and grow an organisation for the future.

I hope that while browsing through our site you learn a little more about our organisation, the people who work here or perhaps a little about our vehicles and how Urban Motors have grown to what we are today.