Urban Motors had humble beginnings. The most significant milestone in the 4+ years of business would be the grand opening of Urban Motor’s boutique comprising a spacious showroom, hospitality lounge and air-conditioned comfort.

The company spent several years operating out of a cramped space along a myriad of non air-conditioned, basic set-up, pre-owned car vendors and decided to make an investment in the current boutique situated on the ground floor of AML that offers comfort, convenience and better visibility.

The development of the 3,500 sq ft boutique was held in tandem with Urban Motor’s impactful growth that ushered in the opening of their Headquarter office in 2011.

A chronological order of our key milestones:

Urban Motors commits to long-term brand building to elevate our presence in the local market and break through the clutter of pre-owned car vendor market in Singapore. We look towards a fruitful beginning towards years of our journey with you.
Urban Motors grows its fleet to 16 cars. We shift our focus and specialise in continental models
Business without a showroom, selling pre-owned cars in local night markets (“pasar malam”) and delivering the cars to doorsteps
Urban Motors opens its 3,500 sq ft boutique on the ground floor of AML, with an inventory of 36 to 70 cars
Urban Motors secures a shop space on the second floor of AML in April, with a fleet of 6 to 8 cars

In addition, customer engagement campaigns and programmes are in the pipeline with value-add services such as in-house loans, car leasing and mobile car grooming services.

Throughout all of these, Urban Motors has shown certain resilience in a tumultuous industry often impacted by economic and social woes. Our history, solid foundation and long-term vision in the business and investments in our staff has created a business that is both reliable and recession proof.

In our efforts to contribute positively to the automotive industry and keep abreast of its developments, we extend contributions by supporting the SVTA education funds earning recognition amongst the Association members for dedication.

At Urban Motors, staff development and professional growth are of great personal interest. Resources are allocated to our training often at external venues by notable lecturers and speakers over half to one day courses.

Despite the lean-sized business set-up, Urban Motors offers full medical and insurance coverage to all our employees. We are believers of giving back to society and we reach out anonymously to the community with donations, contributing to different beneficiaries like old folks’ homes and welfare houses each year with no less than SGD$10,000 in food supplies and daily necessities to recipients like Bo Tien Welfare Services Society and St. Theresa's Home. We hope to grow this effort by introducing more charity events garnering the support of larger businesses and societal groups.